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Jerome Brooke

Jerome Brooke was born in Evansville, Indiana.  He is the editor of the Isles of Myst Review.  He has written The Myth of the Eternal Return and a number of other collections of poetry.  They are listed on Amazon Books.

Jerome Brooke has also written many other collections.  These include - Mirage and Selected Poems.

His work has been the subject of a number of reviews -


The poems remind me of...ancient primeval legends.  The imagery is active.

G Phillips - NMQ

The poems are...savage and barbarous...intricate and complex...horrific..talent..clarity of diction.

Joseph Hart - IMRev


A terse series of quatrains which evoke the cold and dark realms...of the Ice Age.

Carol Hamilton, NMQ

Cave of Shadows

A harrowing Wintry Vivaldi...raptorial danse.  An epic, plantonic (abstract and spiritual) poem.

Aaron Alexander Cotton, NMQ

Mirage : Dance of the Sun

The rhyme schemes are spell-binding...charming and seductive...the lyrical quality lingers.

Lorraine Tolliver, NMQ

Lance of the Sun

Timeless tradition of honor...and romance.  Its quality lingers and echoes...magic.  

Lorraine Tolliver, NMQ

Battles, victories, defiance...ring melodiously.

Paul Truttman, IMRev